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Useful Cydia Apps for pentesting

For pentesting iPhone applications, we need to download a lot of tools from Cydia. Some of the necessary  tools are –

  • OpenSSH – Allows to connect to the iPhone remotely over SSH
  • Adv-cmds : Comes with a set of process commands like ps, kill, finger…
  • Sqlite3 : Sqlite database client
  • GNU Debugger: For run time analysis & reverse engineering
  • Syslogd : To view iPhone logs
  • Veency: Allows to view the phone on the workstation with the help of veency client
  • Tcpdump: To capture network traffic on phone
  • com.ericasadun.utlities: plutil to view property list files
  • Grep: For searching
  • Odcctools (Darwin CC tools): otool – object file displaying tool
  • Crackulous: Decrypt iPhone apps
  • Hackulous: To install decrypted apps
  • Cycript: Run time analysis & reverse engineering

    * To install crackulous and hackulous add to Cydia sources.
    * To install GNU Debugger on iOS 5 view –

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