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iPhone 4- Gevey sim unlock useful tips

If you are using Gevey unlock and want to upgrade your iPhone to ios 5 , do not directly update it through iTunes. Use redsnow and create a custom os bundle which preserves the old baseband. Detailed steps can be found at – Update to iOS 5 by preserving baseband

After installing iOS 5 you need to activate the phone. Activation is different from unlocking . To activate the phone you will require an original sim (carrier to which the phone is locked). If you do not have the original sim, close iTunes and use redsnow to jailbreak the phone. After jailbreaking, open iTunes and activate the phone.

Now insert your Gevey sim to unlock the iPhone. It works perfectly on iOS 5 and baseband 4.10.1.

Gevey sim problems that I have faced and the solutions

– After the sync with iTunes (over USB), Gevey sim stopped working (you will see no service message). It seems Apple is sending some instructions to phone to disable the Gevey sim. I removed the sim and inserted it again. Then Gevey sim started working.

– To get rid of this problem, I am disconnecting the internet from my machine (on which iTunes is running) while syncing the phone. So far, I did not face any problem with this method.

– After syncing the phone with iTunes over Wi-Fi, Gevey sim stopped working and I spent a lot of time to make it work. One solution that I found is – sync the phone with iTunes (disconnect internet from laptop) over USB then remove the sim and insert it again. Hereafter Gevey sim worked well .

– After downloading GPRS or 3G settings, those settings did not work. To make it work, I restarted the phone, removed the sim and inserted it again.

– If none of those techniques work or if you see invalid sim message: Remove & insert the sim. After few minutes you will see No service message. Dial 112 and end the call in a minute. Turn on airpot and off it in a minute. It will show SIM Failure message. You might get signal by this time. If not, it might have shown you invalid sim message. Now remove the sim and insert it again. And do not do anything. You will see the signal in few minutes.

– If you have jailbroken iOS 5 (currently only tethered jailbreak is available), when you restart the phone you have to use redsnow just boot option to make the phone work. If you Want to restart your phone without connecting it to laptop, one alternative is, use of software restart called respring. Download sbsettings from Cydia and it will show respring option. Now on-wards whenever you want to restart the phone, use respring option.

– Turning on 3g may drops the signal, then remove and insert the sim, gevey displays accept message. Click on it. Wait for 1 minute and dial 112 and hangup. Turn on airplane mode till you see no sim card installed message. Turn off airplane mode. It displays the signal now (even for gevey ultra sim, you have to follow all the steps).

– This technique worked for all kind of signal problems: Remove the sim card when you notice no service message. If you see other messages like invalid sim, turn on and off airplane mode until you see no service message. Insert sim, then gevey displays accept message. Click on it. Wait for 1 minute (you may notice no service message) and dial 112 and hangup. Turn on airplane mode till you see no sim card installed message. Turn off airplane mode. Wait for few seconds. You will notice sim failure, invalid sim message. Later it starts searching for signal and displays the full signal (all the steps are necessary even for gevey ultra sim) .

– Turning on 3g sometimes may show only one signal bar and slowly drops the signal. To get rid of this problem, always first turn on cellular data then turn on 3g.

[Update: 01-Feb-2012]
Gevey sim is working with iOS 5.0.1 (base band 4.10.01). Preserver base band before updating it – Update iOS 5.0.1 by preserving baseband

It is good to update to 5.0.1 because untether jailbreak is available. Which means you can turn on/off phone happily.

[Update: 14-Feb-2012]
When you want to use internet, Turning on cellular data may not work. If it does not work turn on cellular data and data roaming.

[Update: 26-Apr-2012]
Gevey sim is no more required. You can directly unlock your iPhone running on any baseband with SAM unlock method. Details are available at –

No more gevey sim problems …..

[Update: 03-May-2012]
SAM unlock is no more working. Now the only unlock solution available is Gevey sim. Latest version of gevey sim (Ultra S) also supports iPhone4 – 4.11.08 baseband.


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