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HackMeBank on – windows XP

HackMeBank is a sample application where you can practice/test your hacking skills. To know how to setup hackmebank on your windows XP visit –

Following the steps mentioned in the above link will allow you to run Hackmebank on SQL server 2000 express edition. If you have a latest SQL server, you can point the Hackmebank by editing the web.config file.

To run HackMeBank on SQL server 2008, install SQL server instead of SQL 2000 express. Navigate to HacmeBank_v2_WS folder and open web.config, provide SQL server 2008 username and password.

<add key=”FoundStone_Connection” value=”Server=(local);Database=FoundStone_Bank;User Id=Username;password=password“/>

To run HackMeBank in a new port, navigate to HacmeBank_v2_Website folder, open web.config and change the below value

<add key=”ipAddressOfWebService” value=” number“/>


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