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Hacking iPhone Game Scores

The video demonstrates on how one can change the games scores on a non jailbroken iPhone. StickCricket game is used for the demo. It stores the game score in a Plist file. Plist stands for Property List and it is a structured binary formatted file which contains the essential configuration of a bundle executable in nested key value pairs. Plist files are used to store the user preferences and the configuration information of an application.

Tools used in the video can be downloaded from the below links.
Plist file editor for windows


Video Transcript:

In this video I am going to demonstrate how to change the games scores on a non jailbroken iPhone. I am using stick cricket game for the demo. The game stores the score in a property list file and the score can be modified by editing this Property list . I have opened the game and you can observe the current game score is 20. Before modifying the property list file terminate the application by double clicking on the home button. Connect the iPhone to a laptop over USB cable. On your laptop download and install iExplorer tool . Links to the tool is available in the blog post. iExplorer (formerly iPhone Explorer) gives access to the iPhone in disk mode and allows to browse the folders on the iPhone directly. Browse to the stick cricket game folder.  Navigate to stick cricket Library->Preferences folder. In general every application stores the plist files inside library preferences folder. Plist files are used to store the user preferences and the configuration details of an application. Drag the stickcricket.Plist file to the desktop. Install plist editor on windows and Open the plist file using it . Plist editor converts the binary formatted plist file into a xml display. End of the plist you can notice the game score . Modify it and save the file. For the demo i’ve modified it to 180. Using iExplorer, delete the stickcricket.Plist on the iPhone and drag the newly saved file onto the iPhone. Now when we open the The Stick Cricket game, it displays the modified score. So information stored in the Plist files can be easily hacked. For the security best practices, do not store any sensitive information in Plist files.


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